Climate Change & Other Small Talk

Climate Change & Other Small Talk

In development

Sunny's most ambitious project yet, CLIMATE CHANGE & OTHER SMALL TALK is a constellation of creative works, starting with a season of nine short audio dramas written by nine playwrights from across the world. The shorts will delve into the human forces and stories which shape our responses to climate change.  In the pilot episode, a couple leaves outraged product reviews on Amazon while their home fills with flood water. A group of climate justice leaders from around the world will collaborate with playwrights on the works. The season will be presented by festivals, theatres, and grassroots groups around the world, either digitally or in live/digital fusions.

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Creative Team

Concept by:

Sunny Drake

9 international playwrights:

To be announced!

Produced by:

Sunny Drake Productions in association with Why Not Theatre


Najla Nubyanluv

Executive Producer:

Sunny Drake

Concept Dramaturg:

Kevin Matthew Wong

Pilot audio play:

Written by Sunny Drake

Directed by Weyni Mengesha

Starring Anand Rajaram, Liisa Repo-Martell and Bahareh Yaraghi

Sound design and music by Richard Feren and Olivia Shortt,

Produced by Michelle Yagi

Produced with support from Why Not Theatre and Soulpepper Theatre



** Now hiring: Impact Producer/ Climate Movement Engagement Coordinator **

Contract job description and info here.

** For exclusive access to the pilot episode **

Free access to the pilot episode between March 3-19 2022 as part of The Bridge: A Festival of Ideas by Royal MTC. Register here for free.

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A couple leaves outraged product reviews on Amazon while their home fills with flood water. A ship's passengers have their attention systematically hijacked into re-enacting the Titanic's "I'm Flying" scene instead of attending to their sinking ship…

CLIMATE CHANGE & OTHER SMALL TALK is a season of 9 short audio plays written by 9 playwrights across the world in collaboration with Sunny Drake. The shorts will explore the absurdness of our lives with climate chaos as a backdrop–and the bigger forces shaping our responses to climate change. They will humorously dial up the bizareness of  disaster capitalism, obsession with economic growth and outsized corporate influence over political institutions. 

Festivals and theatres across the world will form “story laboratories”, commissioning artists as “story scientists”. Rather than examining physical, chemical and biological conditions–the domain of climate scientists–our story scientists will examine the human forces shaping our responses to climate change. These stories will be produced in an initial season of short audio plays, shared in an interactive web portal. The shorts will then be available as a building block for further creation globally via live/pop-up performances and installations in accordance with local pandemic restrictions. 

Sunny talks about the origin of the work:

“I incubated this idea onboard a three week residency on a tall ship in the high Arctic, north of Scandinavia, just 10 degrees from the North Pole, with 30 artists and scientists. We visited the world's most northern climate research station. Scientists there release a daily weather balloon and combine their data set with hundreds of other weather stations globally to create a fuller picture of climate change. Inspired by this, I want to partner with artists and companies across the world to create unique micro-narratives which are then funneled into a larger project of creative interpretation and sharing.”



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