No Strings (Attached)

The hilarious and tender confessions of a romance-aholic This smart, fast-paced take on dating in an age of social media and technology features visually stunning, highly interactive projections and sound. Jimmy is trying to quit romance, cold turkey. An exposing, funny and tender look at relationships including run-ins with the anti-monogamy police, online dating mishaps and figuring out figuring out whether to throw out or reinvent mainstream relationship ideals. Director: Gein WongWriter & performer: Sunny DrakeDramaturge: Catherine HernandezComposer: Njo Kong KieVideo: Laura Warren, Gein Wong, Alex Williams & Hisayo HorieSet & Costume Designer: Joe PagnanImmersive Space Designer: Jade Lee HoySet items: Joce Tremblay & Shawn HenryLighting Designer: Michelle RamsayPuppet: Ann PowellPhotos: Tanja-Tiziana (glittery shirt) Tania Anderson (pearls, roses), Hillary Green (tablet & wedding dress), Stella Ducklow (wedding dress) & Dr J - Absolut Queer Photography

"Theatrically sophisticated and accomplished” - RealTime Arts Australia"Charming and disarmingly clever… Drake is one of those rare provocative performers who are uber smart but ultra cosy at heart... one of the most interesting and touching performances I’ve seen” - Gscene (UK)"Sunny Drake’s show was a pleasure to behold, a sparkly moment in a life” - Wotever World (UK)"The mood... was similar to a romantic comedy which filled your heart with hope and love. However it was also so profound and sharp that it had a darkness that does not fit into any romantic comedy. The result is a play you leave with powerful images in your mind which are thoroughly attached to the unforgettable story” - Melbourne Arts Fashion

* Toured to 40 cities in Europe, the US, Canada & Australia* translated into 3 languages

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Presenter Info- Duration: 62 minutes. - Venue suitability: works best in 50-600 seat theatres, but can also be performed in non-theatre spaces such as community halls & lecture theatres (we can tour with our own theatre lighting).- Set-up/ tech: 6-8 hours (in theatres) or 3-5 hours (outside of theatres). - Surtitles available in Italian, German & Spanish.- Tech rider, full show footage & touring menu on request.