Toured to 90 venues in over 60 cities across Canada, USA, Europe and Australia


A hilarious and touching confessional. One hopeless romantic shares his experience navigating the fast-paced worlds of on-line dating, jealousy, and sexual politics in his search for love.


** Toured to 40 cities, sold out shows in Europe, the USA, Australia & Canada**

"Theatrically sophisticated and accomplished” - RealTime Arts Australia"

"Charming and disarmingly clever… Drake is one of those rare provocative performers who are uber smart but ultra cosy at heart... one of the most interesting and touching performances I’ve seen” - Gscene (UK)

"A pleasure to behold, a sparkly moment in a life” Wotever World (UK)

"The mood... was similar to a romantic comedy which filled your heart with hope and love. However it was also so profound and sharp that it had a darkness that does not fit into any romantic comedy. The result is a play you leave with powerful images in your mind which are thoroughly attached to the unforgettable story” - Melbourne Arts Fashion

Team: Director: Gein Wong, Writer & performer: Sunny Drake, Dramaturge: Catherine Hernandez, Composer: Njo Kong Kie, Video: Laura Warren, Gein Wong, Alex Williams & Hisayo Horie, Set & Costume Designer: Joe Pagnan, Immersive Space Designer: Jade Lee Hoy, Set items: Joce Tremblay & Shawn Henry, Lighting Designer: Michelle Ramsay, Puppet: Ann Powell, Photos: Tanja-Tiziana and Photo by: Tanja-Tiziana, Hilary Green, Tania Anderson (bottom)

Funding: Toronto Arts Council, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Volcano Theatre, The Cabaret Company, Arts Queensland (touring)


Ever seen a drunk puppet?


Booze. Facebook. Sex. Carbs. Stop motion animation, puppetry and live performance meld in this fast-paced one-man show, a tongue-in-cheek exploration of quick fixes and fixations hard to quit. 



* RBC Professional Artist Award - SummerWorks 2013 *

*  “Outstanding Performance” - NOW Magazine (Toronto) *

* “Outstanding Design”  - NOW Magazine (Toronto)  *

* Best Technical Design - Calgary Critics Award Nomination *


Xtraordinary” Scene (Australia)

“Dazzling, unique, creative and innovative... conceived, created and performed by a gay artist but its reach and appeal are universal” - Calgary Sun

"Astounding multimedia and projection design... vibrant and imaginative independent theatre at its absolute best" - Actors Greenroom (Australia)"

"Vividly realized the puppet elements, set and animation are astonishingly effective.” - NOW Magazine (Toronto)

"One of the more inventive solo shows you’ll ever see... It’s amazing and imaginative and theatrical.a marvel of theatricality” - Calgary Herald

Team: Written, Created & Performed by Sunny Drake, Director & Dramaturg / Therese Collie, Stop Motion Animator / ingrid k brooker, Set and Props Designer/ Georgina Greenhill, Lighting Design / Andrew Meadows, Composer & Sound Designer / Brett Collery, Creative Consultants / Brian Lucas & Candy Bowers, Puppets / Penny Everingham, Multimedia / Georgie Hauff, 2D Animator / Taylor Wilson, Photos: Dahlia Katz & Leesa Connelly


Funding: Arts Queensland (Australia), Canada Council for the Arts (touring), Ontario Arts Council (touring)

Photos by: Dahlia Katz & Leesa Connelly



A gutsy convention-defying gender-euphoric one-person show weaving theatre, magical animation, movement, comedy & multimedia.


"funny, energetic, poignant and thoughtful" Real Time (Australia)

"deeply personal but undeniably universal "- Time Off (Australia)

"the audience hung of every moment" - (Sydney)"

charming, heart-warming, uncompromising and candid, yet kind and sincere" - The Advertiser (Australia)

Team: Writer/ performer: Sunny DrakeDirector/ Dramaturge: Anna YenMultimedia & animation: Kate Geck, ingrid k brooker, Dana Aleshire Costume & puppet: Anthea Brescia Set designer/maker: Greg ClarkeMusic: Jeff Turpin, Renegade, Annah, Leah Carnine & others


Funding: Brisbane City Council (Australia). Photos by Suzon Fuks



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