Pink Pluto

Pink Pluto is a theatre production company, founded and directed by Sunny Drake. Our work has been translated into four languages and presented in over 60 cities across the world.

​Pink Pluto creates and produces award-winning theatrical works and arts events that respond to the big questions of our times. Our current cycle of work explores a wide range of socially relevant and timely themes including re-envisioning masculinity, examining economic and social systems, justice in an internet era, the human psychology of climate change, and children’s ideas about love and the world. What ties them together is delving deeply into human stories to illuminate larger contexts, and examining the impact of larger forces on human experience.


We are currently reflecting on our practice and experimenting with different ways of making art during the COVID-crisis. Our upcoming offerings will include a web-series adaptation of CHILD-ISH, and site-specific performances for small audiences in outdoor spaces–following all public health COVID guidelines.

photo by Luis Mora