Sympathy For Miss Waters

Bruce Gibbons Fell
Viña del Mar, Chile
May 17, 2023

About the Story

A real estate agent manages to sell a coastal mansion, even though waves will eventually lap in to the bedroom - "It’s a soundtrack to sleep by”. What lengths will the realtor go to after she's fired for selling it way below price? And who was the mysterious buyer?

Get to Know the Writer

Bruce is a queer Chilean-Canadian award-winning playwright, obsessed with the intersection of pop culture and politics in dark comedy.

Here is our mini Q&A!

Q: What inspires your writing?
A: Imagining a weirder, wackier and more wonderful world.

Q: If you were a sound effect, what would you sound like?
A: The Wilhelm scream.

Q: What was your most memorable podcast-writing moment?
A: The first time I heard it out loud.

Q: How does climate change affect your community?
A: Droughts, forest fires, heat waves. To water in any form, climate change is there.

Q: Who would you like to listen to your episode?
A: Anyone with a taste for a little mysterious real-estate fantasy.

More about the playwright

Episode Producers

Lead Producer

Cocodrilo Triste is a Chilean-based independent theatre company helmed by Chilean-Canadian playwright Bruce Gibbons Fell. The collective’s goals are to present new queer interpretations of history, infused with pop culture and a Latin American lens, and to create and foster collaborative creation processes with artists exploring similar themes and influences in the Americas.

Supporting Producer

Soulpepper is Canada's leading artist-driven theatre company and is based in Tkatonro/Toronto. We'll let them introduce themselves in their own words:

'We believe that stories can connect us, that they are vital to our understanding, compassion and knowledge, and that they can motivate us toward social change.'

Sunny's inventive and award-winning theatre works have been presented in over 60 cities across the world and translated into 4 languages. His wide range of audiences have spanned international arts festivals goers, queers in underground warehouses, seniors in regional theatres and young people in drop-in centres.

Episode Supporters

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Take a Deep Dive into the Themes!

Our Impact Producer, Chaprece Henry, unpacks the climate themes
in this episode in our Discussion Guide

Discussion Guide


Written and Directed by BRUCE GIBBONS FELL


CAMILA LE-BERT as Marina Marino

Sound design, music, audio mixing and recording engineer  BENJAMIN MCCARTHY 

Episode Produced by COCODRILO TRISTE with support from SUNNY DRAKE PRODUCTIONS

Episode Producer and Production Manager BRUCE GIBBONS FELL 

Special thanks to CARLOS BRIONES

Access the transcript here.

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