Commissioned by Playwrights Guild, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and L'Association des théâtres francophones du Canada - ATFC to write the World Theatre Day Canadian message

Happy world theatre day!

Jimmy Does Dating...

Episode 1 of 3: Good

Jimmy obsesses over the 10 second conversation he had with his crush. Probably none of you have ever done that, right? Captions here.

Episode 2 of 3: The Date

Jimmy's adventures in casual dating - today's episode: when clothing comes off the trans man, cis panic ensues. (CONTENT WARNING: sexually explicit) Captions here.

Episode 3 of 3: Botching Valentine's

Awkward on Valentine’s Day? Jimmy botched it worse than you. Captions here.

Jimmy Does Dating... started as a quick and fun way to promote a theatre show, then got screened at:

- Inside Out Film Festival (2016)

- San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (2016)

World Theatre Day Message for Canada