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Workshops, Training, Keynotes & Lectures

Political Education

•- Trans or LGBTIQ Anti-Oppression 101 or 201

•- Feminist Masculinities

- Youth Leadership Development (trans, lgbtiq or all young people)


••- Self-producing and touring independent performance

- Solo performance

•- Telling your story: autobiographically inspired performance and/or writing

•- Creative video & multimedia in performance

- Various other theatre workshops

•- •Individual artist or arts project mentoring

Sunny is a dynamic and engaging facilitator and educator. Sunny has given over 280 workshops, talks, keynotes and lectures in the past 15 years including LGBTIQ training, creative workshops, practical political workshops, community engagement, professional development for project workers & artists. Participants have included people of diverse age, gender, cultural, sexuality, disability and class backgrounds; educational institutions (universities, high schools…), artists, young people, collectives, service providers & government in both urban & rural contexts. Workshops range in length from 1 hour to multi-day. Sunny facilitates either on his own or with other experienced facilitators and can tailor workshops, training and lectures to suit the participants and content needs. Programs can be delivered with or without a performance.

More details of each workshop available on request