Child-Ish Web Series

Child-Ish Web Series

Digital World Tour

Following sold-out showings at SummerWorks in 2019 as a theatre play, Sunny Drake brings you the CHILD-ISH web series, shot at Toronto playgrounds. You can either watch the 4 episodes below, or for the full experience, check out the virtual event, co-hosted by children and teenagers to the meet the people who helped make them. The virtual event will also digitally tour around the world - tour dates below. And ... #BeMoreChildish

Creative Team

Created by:

Sunny Drake

Web Series Directed by:

Sunny Drake and Peter Riddihough

Director of Child Engagement:

Jessica Greenberg

Core Collaborators:

Julien Desrochers-Dioso, Elora Gerson, Jessica Greenberg, Ozzy Rae Horvath, Eponine Lee, Sumayya Iman Malik, Sadie Kopyto Primack, Brian Quirt, Owen Ross

Actors (web series):

Raven Dauda, Sunny Drake, Jani Lauzon, Maria Ricossa, Sam Khalilieh

Photo by:

Peter Riddihough



The 4 web series episodes can be watched above, but the full experience – the virtual party co-hosted by children and teens – can only be viewed at special events like these:

June 22nd 2021

Soulpepper Theatre: FREE

Oakville Centre for Performing Arts: FREE

July 29th 2021

Stratford Festival: FREE viewing on Stratford's Youtube channel, July 29th at 7pm.

July 30th 2021 to Jan 30th 2022

Stratford Festival’s subscription platform, STRATFEST@HOME

September 23rd 2021

Prairie Theatre Exchange - tickets are pay what you like ($0-15).

October 15th 2021

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts - tickets $15.

Other dates to be announced soon!

About CHILD-ish

What would the world be like if we let ourselves be a bit more childish? In CHILD-ish, a dynamite cast of adult actors speak children’s exact words about love, life and the world. Instead of pretending to be children, they perform as adults, allowing us to hear kids’ ideas and experiences anew. It’s surprising, hilarious and moving.

Originally a theatre play, CHILD-ish was created by Sunny Drake and drawn from interviews with over 40 whip-smart (and brutally honest) children. Our special virtual events give you the full experience of our fresh new web series - through the perspectives of the brilliant kids from the CHILD-ish team, who will be your hosts alongside Sunny Drake himself.

Check out the Virtual Shows, touring digitally, to watch all 4 episodes and meet the people who made them. And... #BeMoreChildish.


“Outstanding Ensemble” NOW Magazine 2019 (Canada)


“Terrific.. A bracing, funny, thoughtful exercise.”

- Slotkin Letter (Canada) 

“A little reminder that children are wise beyond their years… Earns (and deserves) its laughs and pulls on the heartstrings” 

- Broadway World (Canada)

“A real treat...” 

Mooney on Theatre (Canada)

“[CHILD-ISH]isn't afraid to go to serious places... The kids' ideas around consent are revelatory.”

- Now Toronto (Canada)

“Fascinating and very funny and thought-provoking.”

- Drew Rowsome Review (Canada)

Other Info

Coming soon:

We also have a play and a podcast in the works. Sign up to Sunny's mailing list at the bottom of the page to be among the first to find out when his new work is coming out.



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