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The electronic script for Men Express Their Feelings is available for purchase.

After honing the script for my comedy, Men Express Their Feelings, I'm very pleased to be offering it for purchase as an electronic script that you can read on your computer.

It was a fascinating experiment in my writing process: first I adapted the script into a 3-episode audio dramedy, and then I adapted the adaptation back to the stage! I learned so much from working in radio drama as a medium and it gave me an idea for a whole new element to introduce for the live version. This final version is my favourite yet.

And what a joy it was to return to live theatre after being shuttered for so long during the pandemic. I was delighted to have my work back on stage, starting with a second live production of Men Express Their Feelings, this time with Zee Zee Theatre in Vancouver, directed by the fabulous Cameron Mackenzie. It was the perfect opportunity to fine tune the revised script with our brilliant team.

"Exudes wit and authenticity"  
- Van City Vince (Vancouver, Canada)
"A terrific ride" - Colin Thomas
– The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, Canada)
"Smart but unpretentious" - Colin Thomas
– The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, Canada)
"You wouldn’t want to miss this" 
5X Press (Vancouver, Canada)

As well as purchasing the e-script, you can listen to the audio series for FREE until the end of the year.

* artwork by Sam Mendoza

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