World premiere at Stratford Festival 2022

Tickets on sale now for my new comedy, Every Little Nookie, running June 18 to Oct 1st at Canada's largest theatre festival!

I started my theatre career with production budgets of zero dollars.

I started by putting on shows in livings rooms, basements and backyards.

I started with no training – opting not to go to theatre school since at the time I didn’t see a place for myself as a trans person in normatively gendered theatre training.

I started learning by making theatre then making more theatre.

I started by biking theatre sets and props through snow and slush to rehearsals spaces that I’d begged, borrowed or stolen.

I started touring my work without resources to bring a stage manager, dragging 2 giant suitcases across Europe and North America on tour, retraining a new stage manager/ tech person in every city.

I remember on tour having a flare up of RSI in my thumb and wrists, waiting at the top of a flight of stairs at a subway in London, until a kind stranger carried my set down the stairs and helped me onto the train.

I remember saving on rent by living in a bathroom with a mattress on top of the bath-tub, careful not to bump the taps.

Coming from such DIY beginnings, I don’t take for granted this massive platform I’ve been offered: I AM THRILLED to have my new comedy, Every Little Nookie, being produced by Canada’s largest theatre company: the Stratford Festival! Directed by ted witzel.

I’d be delighted if you’d join me on this ride!

Tickets will on sale now, with the show running June 18th until October 2nd, 2022.

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